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Davee has worked in the equine industry for over 30 years, and it has always been her one and only love. After so many years of laughter, tears, sweat and joy, her life with horses has always been rewarding.

She has instructed and lectured clients from ages 5 - 65 years old in private, semi-private and group lessons, and passes on safety, respect, humor and love of the animal to all students.

The four-legged students are always treated with the utmost care and concern for their mental and physical education.

Through her career, Davee has climbed the equine ladder from a working student at the LAEC to an owner, trainer & instructor in the Hansen Dam Equestrian Center and at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. She has been a private trainer for respected families, and had a 50+ student roster list. She has been involved with the British Horse Society, and has done everything from cleaning fifteen stalls a day to showing in the Santa Barbara Nationals. She is always willing to listen to your goals, ideas, fears and thoughts.

- Instructed children, teens and adults in hunter/jumpers, dressage & western including L.A. City College and UCLA extension classes
- Lectured children, teens and adults in barn management and horse care
- Designed Training Routine for horses in hunter/jumpers, dressage and heavy trail
- Oversaw horse care and nutrition for horses aged one week to twenty years
- Oversaw general Equine Care and Management, land management and stabling
- Insurance paperwork available on request

From an article originally published in 'The Equestrian News' newspaper in 2006

"Davee Hallinan's love of horses started at age 9 when she rode summer camp ponies bareback at Cali Camp in Topanga Canyon, California. It was cemented at age 12 when her parents gave her riding lessons for Christmas at Far West Farms in Calabasas.
"I rode at Far West with Nick, Jenny and Kost Karazissis for about seven years and my wonderful father, Dean, leased an amazing jumper named Kodi."

She studied at Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center in West Virginia, but after the deaths of her father and Kodi, she took a break to regroup. Later, because of her amazing mother, Beth,'s love and pushing, she signed on as a working student at the Hansen Dam Equestrian Center. Two years later she moved to Summerwood Stables in Shadow Hills, where she completed her barn management and teaching apprenticeship.

She went on to teach at Traditional Equitation School in Burbank for two and a half years - honing the craft of teaching green beginners and those looking to rediscover their love of horses. She then became co-owner of 3D Farms in Lakeview Terrace, a three day event barn, but after much reflection and soul searching, she came back to TES.

"I knew at 16 years old that I wanted to be an instructor. No one is born knowing how to ride or how to behave around a horse. I remember trainers losing their patience with me and stomping out of the lesson like I was failing on purpose. As an instructor, you can never put your own expectation on your riders. It's their lesson, not yours. If they aren't ready for something you want to teach, you have to put your wants behind theirs. A riding lesson always turns into therapy - so you have to really listen to your student's wants and needs."

She rides hunter/jumpers, dressage, trail and bareback. She continues to train, ride, teach and learn equitation in Burbank, California. Davee has been helping horses and people communicate through training and teaching for over ten years."

After this article was printed, she spent another six and half years at TES, then decided to branch out on her own.

Davee's Philosophy

Everything I do, I believe in thinking outside the box and challenging the norm. I believe that you can ride in companionship with your horse without the use of punishment - to either you or your horse. I want to teach you the language horses use to communicate with each other so that your rides are free of frustration and fear. I believe that you are learning this sport as a way to get back in touch with who you REALLY are - free of judgement or ridicule, and away from the stress of your every day life. I believe that no matter how far you go with it - from brushing a horse to jumping a fence - you are Successful.

I believe that you don't need a show ribbon to prove your worth. I believe that you don't need fancy riding attire to 'look the part'. I want celebrate with you when your ride is fantastic. I want you to tell me when you are scared, or frustrated, or just plain mad. I want to be the voice in your head when you are troubled. I believe that I never have to yell at you unless the wind whips my voice away. I want to share my love and passion for this sport with you - even when it's not easy.

I will never put you on a horse that I think you cannot handle. I will never push you to purchase something you don't need. I will never insult you, degrade you, or make you feel stupid. I will listen, observe and do my very best to keep you as safe and happy as possible.

I believe that there is no greater satisfaction than the contented sigh of a horse after a good ride.
I believe that riding is a fun hobby, a difficult sport, an glorious art form, and an all consuming passion.
I believe that I was put on this earth to teach this sport and to help people overcome their fears.

Fun Facts

Some other fun stuff includes -
- Instructed the ONLY Bareback Riding Class in the entire Los Angeles Equestrian Center
- Won the Trainer's Bareback Competition at Traditional Equitation School... Twice!!
- General Manager of the Dragonvale Fantasy Faire horses - who spent the weekend jousting!
- Would love to learn to drive a Roman chariot someday
- Blazed Angeles Crest. Trail? Who needs a trail?
- Incorporates dance theory to her riding instruction... another great passion!
- Specializes in fearful riders and helps all riders of any age feel safer
- Hates mornings, loves coffee :)

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Davee Hallinan

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